For the best print on your phone case choose the best image!

Image Recommendation:
The Photos should ideally be rectangle like 4 x 6 as your mobile phone tends to be a rectangle shape.
For a good result, it should be about 1200x800px so the picture is not blurry. (professional photography photos are an excellent example), however the majority of smart phones and cameras can produce this px but make sure your not sending a screen shot or using a high filter if your after a crystal clear print!

We do understand that some images are precious memories which are special regardless of clarity and we will contact you if the picture is of poor clarity resulting in a poor print to work with you for a image print you are happy with. If we can't get hold of you regarding the clarity of your image then your order will be printed and posted as ordered to meet shipping deadlines.

Proof Image:
If you would like to see a free preview before we send out your phone case, please let us know at the time you send your photos in message to seller box. If you do not request a free proof, we will process your order as you have requested but may alter the image for best placement due to camera lens and our experience over our years in the business.

We can only print a high quality print with a high quality image!